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CyberCook Taster Launches Exclusively on Samsung Gear VR

After 18 months in production, we’re ready to serve the world their first course of a virtual food revolution! Launching exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR, we’re incredibly proud to announce CyberCook Taster, a demo of the world’s first hyper-real VR cooking simulation. 


The made-for-VR CyberCook Taster gives the world its first glimpse of a new platform that we hope will change the way that people learn and get inspired. Gear VR owners can explore the virtual kitchen and cook their first simulated meal, earning a score on completion for their efforts and accuracy on timings.


Just like real-world cooking, CyberCook Taster allows you to get it wrong. You can burn and under-cook ingredients, you can add ingredients at the wrong time, or forget to add them completely. If you mess up, you can just try again for the five-star score.

The demo also gives Gear VR users a tour of what’s to come in the full CyberCook platform. A larder, oven and prep area show how the kitchen will open up by introducing new techniques and tasks, while the bookshelf shows where users can go for the freshest recipes . Finally, users take a look at the shop, a place to go to stock your virtual and real kitchen with food, utensils and gadgets!

It’s an honour to be one of the few developers currently published on the Gear VR app store, and to be involved with parters like Oculus and Samsung so early in the VR lifecycle.

Find out more about the Samsung Gear VR by heading to their microsite