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CyberCook – The Virtual Cookery Revolution


About eighteen months ago, CEO Martin Kenwright approached the Starship team with a picture of three computer generated prawns. Perfectly lit, dewy and appetising, the virtual prawns looked real to the most discerning of eyes, a feat of artistry and talent.

The image had sparked a new concept. Having spent 30 years in the industry creating genre-defining simulations at previous studios Digital Image Design and Evolution Studios, the simulated world was never far from his mind. While photo-real CGI wasn’t something new, the thought of interacting with photo-real food virtually was a tantalising one.

“I started to think about cooking media,” explained Kenwright, “and quickly realised that there had been no real advance in the past twenty years. The 19th century had cookery books, the 20th had TV, radio and linear multimedia. I wanted to create something ground-breaking that harnessed the power of the new technology that was out there, and that took advantage of touch screen and motion sensor technology.”

Martin Kenwright, Starship

That idea evolved into CyberCook, a platform that could bring together the whole of cookery, featuring a hyper-real, time sensitive cooking simulator. The first major step-change in cooking media in decades, the platform launched in February 2015 in the Samsung Gear VR exclusive demo, CyberCook Taster.

CyberCook Taster is only the first course of a virtual culinary revolution that will give keen chefs everything they need to learn and hone their kitchen skills without any call for washing up. While books and TV passively feed the nation’s appetite for new meals and ingredients, CyberCook takes it one step further by allowing food fans to get hands on with every step of the process, slicing dicing, and chopping their way to culinary excellence!

The mobile demo, CyerCook Slice is set to launch in Spring 2015, with the full CyberCook app set to launch later in the year. Join the CyberCook mailing list to stay up to date with the latest news, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.