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CyberCook Taster Featured on CNET

The folk at CNET have featured CyberCook Taster on the Tomorrow Daily show! See what host and senior editor at CNET TV Ashley Esqueda and co-host Khail Anonymous think of the Gear VR exclusive in the video above!

“What’s really cool about this simulation is that it takes place in real-time, so if you’re cooking and you’re starting to burn it, it’s going to burn in real time,” says Khail.

“You have to pop it around an add ingredients, just like you do in real life, and you get a  score at the end. There’s a goal here is to help people who are a little overwhelmed by cooking to experiment with things, like expensive ingredients, virtually so that they can take more calculated risks in the real kitchen.”

Those of you lucky enough to have a Gear VR can take a trip around the virtual kitchen now, as CyberCook Taster is live, free to experience, and already receiving great reviews on the Oculus forums!