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CyberCook Taster Serves Up Over 8000 Virtual Chefs

CyberCook Taster

Over 8000 budding VR chefs have now experienced CyberCook Taster, our Samsung Gear VR Exclusive.

The VR demo, which launched on the mobile VR platform in February this year, gives users their first taste of a VR kitchen and allows budding chefsĀ to practice cooking a prawn stir fry with no waste or washing up, and from the comfort of their living room.


The Gear VR Innovators Edition was the first mobile VR headset to market, with a limited run having already sold out around the world. With 8000 downloads already, CyberCook Taster has captured the imagination of Gear VR owners.

The CyberCook team are hard at work readying the mobile demo, CyberCook Slice for launch later this year. Unlike the VR demo, users will be able to cook a variety of meals from the CyberCook Cookbook Volume 1, the first to grace the shelves of the CyberCook kitchen! The app will also introduce new areas to explore and tasks to complete.

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