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CyberCook Taster: The First Course in a Virtual Cookery Revolution


(26th February, 2015) In a world obsessed with cookery shows, books and magazines, digital entertainment and technology studio Starship today introduce the next evolutionary step in cooking media with the Samsung Gear VR exclusive, CyberCook Taster – a demo of the world’s first hyper-real cooking simulation.

The first major step-change in cooking media in decades, CyberCook Taster is only the first course of a virtual culinary revolution that will give keen chefs everything they need to learn and hone their kitchen skills without any call for washing up. While books and TV passively feed the nation’s appetite for new meals and ingredients, CyberCook takes it one step further by allowing food fans to get hands on with every step of the process, slicing dicing, and chopping their way to culinary excellence!


Though cookery books and shows continually top the charts worldwide, fear of the unknown and rising cost of ingredients can stop new recipes jumping from the TV screen into our kitchens. CyberCook tackles the disconnect between what we watch and what we actually cook by dispelling that fear and boosting confidence. From trying new techniques and experimenting with exotic ingredients, through to cooking along with your favourite TV chefs, learning to cook is longer confined to the kitchen.

With time-sensitive and intelligent virtual food, budding gourmets can interact with ingredients using a host of simulated techniques and utensils, and are rewarded points for their mastery of an ever-expanding roster of recipes from around the globe.

Having tried your hand at different recipes, the full CyberCook platform will also allow you to buy real ingredients and cooking equipment in-app, to transfer new skills to your own kitchen.

As well as offering an engrossing experience, CyberCook dispels the fear of experimenting in the kitchen,” says Starship CEO Martin Kenwright. “You’re involved with every stage of the cookery process. Why learn from a video when you can practice hands-on and without a single bit of waste? In a couple of years, we’ll reach new levels of realism. We’re proud to work with partners like Oculus and Samsung so early on in the VR lifecycle on a Gear VR exclusive.”


With CyberCook Taster already available for VR, the cross-platform demo CyberCook Slice will soon be ready to download for mobile devices – roll your sleeves up, and get ready to release your inner chef!

CyberCook Taster is available to try free from the Gear VR App Store now. Visit cyber-cook.com to learn more about the virtual culinary revolution.

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