CyberCook Organic Engagement


Move beyond current marketing channels into a world of unparalleled native engagement with CyberCook.

  • The next-level native marketing opportunity
  • The next-level native marketing opportunity
What if you could elevate cooking fans from passive recipients to proactive participants? What if you could give consumers a unique, real-time, personalised cooking experience that saw them interacting with your brand in real-time?

Meet one of the world's most direct to consumer marketing tools. From ambient and integrated product placement through to bespoke cooking experiences, move to the next-generation of customer engagement with CyberCook.

From interactive ingredients in the pan to the appliances and white goods that surround the user, brands will be able to place their products in the virtual kitchen for unmatched levels of engagement.

CyberCook technology can also be used to create absorbing bespoke first and second-screen entertainment experiences, that could see consumers cook along with celebrity chefs at home or at live events.

Head to the Starship website to learn more about how we could incorporate virtual reality into your marketing strategy or contact to speak to us directly.